COMMENTARY: Douglas E. Lute – Trump’s Use of Military This Week is Unacceptable. “We are now at a point where real damage is being done.”

Douglas E. Lute, a retired 3-star general and current CEO of Cambridge Global Advisors, adds his voice to the group of retired military leaders who are condemning President Trump’s recent use of the military to disband peaceful protests. 

Formerly the United States Ambassador to the North Atlantic Council, General Lute discusses with Rachel Maddow the deterioration of the President’s relationship with the traditionally apolitical military establishment and how the recent handling of protests in Lafayette Park represents the most serious step in the wrong direction. This week, Lute explains, “we saw the prospect where American active duty soldiers might be brought into the streets of America to confront American citizens peacefully protesting but posed as more of a combat situation. For military leaders, that is unacceptable.”

In criticizing the Trump administration’s forceful response to recent protests, General Lute joins a growing list of retired generals to speak out against the President, including James Mattis, Martin Dempsey, and John Allen. 

You can access the full interview here.