COMMENTARY: General Frank Taylor & Nate Snyder Speak To The Trump Administration’s Expansive New Watchlist

General Frank Taylor and Nate Snyder weighed in on the White House’s new national security watchlist in a recent Newsweek article, both highlighting concerns over the loose criteria necessary to add individuals to the list.

Taylor, a retired Brigadier General in the United States Air Force and current Senior Advisor at Cambridge Global Advisors, questions the constitutionality of the policy, which does not require evidence of unlawful behavior in order to list private citizens alongside terrorists and international criminals. General Taylor draws parallels between the watchlist and the oppressive actions of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, arguing that the White House is “trying to take a sledgehammer when you need a stiletto.”

Snyder, a former counterintelligence expert at the Department of Homeland Security, calls the watchlist “an intelligence analyst’s nightmare.” Now an Executive Vice President at Cambridge Global Advisors, Snyder questions the decision to affiliate gangs with terrorist organizations. “One is not like the other,” Snyder says.

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