COMMENTARY: Jane Holl Lute – Now Is The Perfect Time For A Cyberattack. Here’s How To Stop One.

Former Senior Advisor at Cambridge Global Advisors, Jane Holl Lute, outlines the heightened risk of cyberattacks during the COVID-19 pandemic in a new op-ed for The Washington Post.

Ms. Lute, a former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and an expert on cybersecurity who currently serves on the board of the Center for Internet Security, explains why the upending of daily life in recent months has raised concerns regarding the United States’ preparedness for a cyber assault on corporate networks and how actors can mitigate risks as millions of Americans adjust to working remotely.

The article, which was co-written with Peter J. Beshar, summarizes the growing cause for concern, writing, “Our main cyber adversaries and other malevolent actors are acutely aware that our country is consumed by unprecedented health and economic crises. This is a critical moment for government and corporate America to come together to protect U.S. cyber resources and critical infrastructure.”

Read her full commentary here.