COMMENTARY: Nate Snyder – Huawei 5G and Transatlantic Security – “There are vulnerabilities all over the place.”

Nate Snyder, a senior advisor at Cambridge Global Advisors and former expert on counterintelligence at the Department of Homeland Security, addressed emerging cybersecurity and privacy threats in a recent conversation with Newsradio WGAN. Speaking on the relationship between China and the United Kingdom, Snyder labeled the growing influence of Chinese tech firm Huawei as a major source of concern, given Chinese state ownership of the company, and its possible access to western data through 5G technology. Specifically, Snyder points out that Huawei’s global influence over the 5G network will give it an advantageous position over the United States. This can occur in two ways; by giving China a greater share in consumer markets, and through more influence over 5G technology and digital information.

Snyder further highlighted the need for the US cyber and tech industry to offer viable solutions to counter growing Huawei, i.e. Chinese, influence in the 5G market. Already, the British decision to incorporate Huawei into some aspects of its 5G network has negatively impacted US-UK relations, opening the prospect for less communication and cooperation on intelligence and related matters due to security concerns. This is largely due to the increasing connectivity of global information and the ubiquity of smartphones.

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