COMMENTARY: Nate Snyder — Huawei Is Looking For “Any Way” To Expand Its Tech Footprint

Nate Snyder, a senior advisor at Cambridge Global Advisors and former expert on counterintelligence at the Department of Homeland Security, addressed the U.S.’s forthcoming ban on Huawei technology in a recent interview with CapitalWatch. Snyder expressed his skepticism with the Chinese telecommunications company’s lofty financial projections despite its inability to supply to the U.S: “In anticipation of the U.S. ban, perhaps they’re not telling the full story. They want to be able to show to end-users, customers and investors that their business is not being impacted.”

In addition to addressing discussions surrounding the potential for easing restrictions on Huawei, Snyder had the opportunity to speak on the findings from the EU-wide 5G risk assessment. Specifically, he acknowledged that the claim that suppression of Huawei would hinder 5G development has been a message largely perpetrated by Huawei itself. Snyder cautioned against internalizing this argument, emphasizing the consequences associated with a reliance on a network that “as reported by the EU report has massive vulnerabilities.”

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