COMMENTARY: Nate Snyder Joins Experts in Highlighting a Major Consequence of The Trump Administration’s Unbalanced Response to Recent Protests

Nate Snyder, a former counterintelligence senior official at the Department of Homeland Security, joins experts in a Vanity Fair article criticizing the Trump administration’s asymmetric approaches to recent social unrest. In it, they address Trump’s aggressive responses against racial-justice protests in Portland and link the absence of those concerning state-shutdown order protests to the growing prominence of white nationalist groups. 

Snyder, now a Senior Advisor at Cambridge Global Advisors, helps shed light on how the administration’s lack of response to extremist activities could be seen as a sign of public endorsement to fringe right-wing groups like the Proud Boys and the Three Percents. He describes the mindset behind these groups, stating they are “for everything that will spark and ignite tensions that will lead to the next war.” 

Snyder also highlights how public opinion shifting toward the Black Lives Matter movement not only feels like a personal attack against Trump, but that this attitude is shared by right-wing nationalist and white supremacist groups alike. His observation lends itself to expert concerns over the safety of cities following the aftermath of a November election that ends with Trump losing. 

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