COMMENTARY: Nate Snyder — Technology Companies Press Trump as Huawei Deadline Nears

Earlier this week, President Trump hosted tech companies at the White House to discuss trade relationships with China, specifically relating to Huawei. However, national security concerns can’t be left behind as the Administration determines the next course of action for trade with China. 

“Nate Snyder, a senior adviser at Cambridge Global Advisors and a former Obama-appointed counterintelligence official, told The Hill that the companies faced a tough choice.

Snyder said national security concerns would be hard to ignore.

“I know the companies have profits in mind and they are looking at the short term on this,” Snyder said. “But from the national security standpoint, this is something that I don’t think any of them are taking into consideration.”

And he expressed disappointment that the meeting was focused on losing business with Huawei instead of larger questions about how to compete with the company. He said there should be more talk of creating “a solution that will rival Huawei” and making sure the company does not get a dominant foothold in the global 5G market.

“I am really concerned about the companies being concerned about winning this battle when we need to win the war,” Snyder said.”

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