COMMENTARY: Nate Snyder — “We need to be in control of our own destiny” when it comes to 5G

Nate Snyder, a former counterterrorism official to the Department of Homeland Security and Senior Advisor at Cambridge Global Advisors, appeared on “The Hill TV” to assess the threats that accompany Huawei’s involvement in the emerging 5G rollout. President Trump’s executive order banning Huawei components in the US serves as a domestic “firewall,” however alignment around this policy from the remaining members of the Five Eyes alliance is needed to secure the flow of information among these nations. 

National security officials have voiced strong opposition to the use of Huawei components in 5G infrastructure, but lawmakers have given greater attention to budgets rather than cyber risks. Snyder warns that 5G Huawei components would compromise upcoming advancements to automated vehicles, healthcare, and military defense since, under Article 7 of China’s National Intelligence Law, Huawei is obligated to cooperate with the Chinese intelligence community.

China’s recent actions in Hong Kong and its persecution of ethnic minorities demonstrate China’s intent to impose its will domestically and abroad. Such an actor cannot be allowed to jeopardize international telecommunication networks. 

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