Huawei’s Record of Wrongdoing: Top 10 Offenses That Should Cause Pause

As discussions around 5G networks and cybersecurity vulnerabilities evolve, Huawei has remained a central target of critique.¬†Current concerns surrounding Huawei are borne out of a number of recognized offenses committed by the Chinese 5G leader. Not only does China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law, which requires private organizations and citizens to cooperate with the state’s intelligence efforts, raise a red flag, but Huawei’s past business practices have cause for alarm. In several instances around the world, Huawei has been investigated for fraud and corruption.

Huawei leadership has demonstrated a willingness to engage in sketchy behavior to advance its low-cost technology, and an extensive number of employees have backgrounds rooted in the country’s national security operations. While the discussion continues between the U.S. and our European allies about whether to include Huawei in the global 5G market, history points towards greater precautions and restrictions against the company.

See below, or click here, to view a list of infractions committed by Huawei.